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Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is open March 1 - July 31, 2023.
Peach Blossom School is a private K - 12 school in San Jose offering a flexible Private School Satellite Program (PSP) for homeschooling families throughout California.

Peach Blossom School maintains on file all the documents required by the CA Ed Code pertaining to private schools.

Requirements for Enrollment 
1. Students must reside in California and may not be enrolled in another public or private school.
2. Parents meet with the Peach Blossom Director for consultation by phone, video chat, or in person in the San Jose area.
3. Family submits Peach Blossom School Enrollment Form along with required documentation and payment.
Peach Blossom School will:
1. Request cumulative records from previous school.
2. Maintain all student records that are legally required in California.
3. Transfer cumulative records to any new school in which the student enrolls.
4. Provide verification of student enrollment.
5. Provide verification of teacher status for parents of enrolled students.
6. Organize several field trips per year in the Santa Clara County area.
In addition, Peach Blossom School will provide upon request:
1. Report cards, transcripts, work permits, high school diploma.
2. Academic counseling, encouragement, and support.
3. Assistance in registering for California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE),  Career Technical Education (CTE or ROP), community college concurrent enrollment.
4. Referral to outside resources.

Initial consultation to determine whether Peach Blossom School is right for your family: No charge.
Annual tuition per family for 2021-2022 - $300 ($250 until June 30) includes initial enrollment process, maintenance of records, work permits, high school diploma, transcripts, and ongoing consultation. 
Field Trips require additional participation fees.



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