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Who We Are 

Peach Blossom School is a private school offering a flexible

K-12 Home Education Program for homeschooling families throughout California.

California Department of Education CDS #43694276139869

Director Stephanie Hood has been a CA credentialed teacher for over 30 years,

and an active volunteer and mentor in the homeschool community since 2002.

What We Do

Peach Blossom School provides legal enrollment, record-keeping, guidance,

counsel, transcripts, graduation, college application assistance and

encouragement to families who are directing their children's learning outside of a traditional school environment. Some families enroll with Peach Blossom for

a short time to travel or during a season of family transition; some families stay enrolled for years. Graduates of Peach Blossom School have continued their education at community colleges, UC/CSU schools, private colleges, and out-of-state universities. While we support all types of homeschooling families, Peach Blossom School specializes in facilitating radical acceleration opportunities for gifted learners. 


The Parent's Role
At Peach Blossom School, the parent is the teacher. Parents are able to select curriculum and requirements best suited for their own children. This may include outside classes at learning centers and community colleges, as well as online classes, independent study, or parent-taught courses. Peach Blossom School also supports families who choose unschooling or delight-directed learning. Each family has the independence to create a learning environment that best nurtures their children's interests, talents, and learning styles.





Why enroll in a PSP instead of creating your own private school and filing the PSA yourself?


There are a number of reasons a homeschool family might decide it’s worth a few hundred dollars per year to join a Private Satellite Program (PSP)  as opposed to creating their own private school. I liken it to hiring a tax preparer, as opposed to preparing your own tax return. Working with a knowledgeable, experienced person  provides the peace of mind that the process has been handled correctly. It also gives you an advocate in the unlikely situation that an outside agency questions your schooling. 

Here's a pdf with ten reasons to join a PSP like Peach Blossom