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From Parents and Students

I found Peach Blossom 3 years ago when my family needed an alternative to brick and mortar schooling and fast. Stephanie ensured a legal and seamless transfer promptly. A few days after enrolling in Peach Blossom, we were invited to one of Peach Blossom's many annual field trips, and felt immediately hopeful. Stephanie has granted my children the freedom to learn at their own pace, and me the privilege to accommodate my children's individuals learning needs. Stephanie and Peach Blossom is truly a lifesaver. - Maria

Peach Blossom School has made a world of difference for our family.  Previously, we were so ensnared by the drive to do things ONE WAY that all of us were very worried and stressed out. Being in the Silicon Valley hotbed of one-way paths and thinking, we were starting to fall into the same traps. After starting with Stephanie and Peach Blossom, everything has changed.  My son has a path that is working for him and his abilities and is on his way to have three AA's by the time he's 18.  My daughter is looking forward to a similar path, and neither one of them is upset or stressed out about SAT's, AP's, "testing season."  Both receive credit for legitimate life and work experience including computer programming, summer jobs such as swim instructor, apprenticeships, 4H activities and volunteering.  Now, the goals and education fit the KIDS, instead of the kids having to fit inside someone's BOX.  Thank you Stephanie! You have literally changed our lives.  - Sandra

When the charter school's policies clashed with our goals for my son, Peach Blossom School gave us the ability to continue with our homeschooling path. Stephanie Hood, with her gentle guidance and clear support, provided structure for my son in the best possible way. Stephanie invested her time in mentoring me as a new homeschooling mom. I am grateful for the support Stephanie and Peach Blossom School have provided us, and I cherish the friendship that has blossomed as well. - Sharon 

Peach Blossom School and Director Stephanie Hood allowed me to take the direction I wanted with homeschooling through high school. It is thanks to her I was able to finish high school two years early. - Tommer

In our quest to find a suitable education that would complement and work in harmony with our daughter’s interests, passions and aspirations, we found Peach Blossom School. It was a blessing for our daughter and for us as a family. Stephanie demystified homeschooling for us, was always kind, caring and considerate, and was there for us every step of the way. This ensured that the entire homeschooling experience was pleasant, rewarding and successful. Enrollment was a breeze, email and phone support was excellent, and Stephanie’s guidance and helpfulness was exemplary. Thank you Stephanie, and kudos to you for the profound difference you have made to our lives. - Michael

Peach Blossom School came to our lives when we were grappling in the dark in our HSing journey. Having just moved to the US  in July 2014, we decided to try out public school for my kids who were HSed all their lives . It was apparent in as little as ten days that we were never meant for any school system. Being new to the rules & regulations here, we were very confused over how to proceed to being a home-schooler. That's when Peach Blossom School came to our rescue. Through a friend we contacted the school and Stephanie Hood consented immediately to take in our kids. It's been a smooth ride ever since. Both during the enrollment and during our transfer from Peach Blossom to a charter school, Stephanie has been very prompt in getting all the paper work done and in providing necessary support through phone and email.  - Sangeetha 



Once I realized that traditional schooling was not going to be the best fit for my son, I attended one of Stephanie's workshops, which I found extremely helpful in demystifying the process of homeschooling in California. I later met with her one-on-one and enrolled my son in Peach Blossom School. It has been a wonderful experience. I have not only been able to rely on Stephanie to help ensure that I am meeting all the necessary legal requirements, I have frequently called upon her for coaching and advice. Stephanie is never intrusive or imposing; she is always helpful and supportive. I feel so grateful to have found her. - Theresa 


Peach Blossom School was a blessing for my children's homeschool journey. I have recommended Peach Blossom to several other families who wanted to transfer out of public high school, and they also have benefited greatly through Stephanie's kind and caring service. It is a true blessing and privilege to have someone so helpful and available for our homeschool community. - Johanna 


We have known Ms. Stephanie Hood for several years. She is a kind, compassionate, caring individual who provides guidance and support in ways that help each child thrive. She has always shown professionalism in her interactions and has been an advocate for gifted education and home-schoolers. We would recommend her unequivocally and wish her success in her endeavors. - Mohans 


I have known Stephanie Hood since our first year of homeschooling six years ago. She has hosted events and conferences for homeschool families that guide us in the process to higher education/college. When I see her, I still ask for any helpful suggestions for my kids' future, and she has just the right words for me. - Racquel 


Stephanie Hood is an expert. She provided useful information to help my daughter get started on her homeschooling. My daughter passed the CHSPE when she was in tenth grade. - Simon







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