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Homeschooling in California  

 In California, parents have several legal options for homeschooling: establish your own private school, join a PSP like Peach Blossom, hire a credentialed tutor, enroll in a district Independent Study Program or a public charter school.


For details on each method, click below.

 Whatever homeschool option you choose, it's important to find a supportive community to join either at local park days, online, or both. The Homeschool Association of California sponsors a Facebook discussion group, and local support can be found by clicking the button below.

2023 CA Homeschool Conferences

March 20-23, 2023  Buelton

Homeschool Connection Conference

April 13-16, 2023 Irvine


June 15-17, 2023  Ontario

Great Homeschool Convention

July 8, 2023 Costa Mesa

Southern California Catholic Home Educators

July 23, 2023 Rocklin

Northern CA Homeschool Convention, Rocklin

July 27-30, 2023  San Jose

HSC - Homeschool Association of California

To Be Announced-

CHEA Christian Home Educators Association , Anaheim

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